Dried food gives fish what they need to survive but feeding them live food will ensure they thrive. Live food provides nutrients in their natural form helping to keep fish well-conditioned, active and healthy.  

At Yorkshire Brine Shrimp we raise our brine shrimp cultures in a highly controlled environment, free from pests and diseases.  Fed on a specially formulated enrichment diet, our brine shrimp offer a safe and nutritious supplement to dried food and contain many of the essential fatty acids needed to keep your fish in the very best condition.

We are specialists in live food for your fish so make sure you ask for live aquatic food from Yorkshire Brine Shrimp when you visit your local aquatics store.

Fish thrive with live food

Our live food selection

an excellent and nutritious live food for marine and freshwater fish


natural live food for the freshwater aquarium

Blood worm

highly nutritious food that even the pickiest of eaters will relish

Marine Copepods

the most abundant food in the oceans, a natural feed for marine fish

Tubifex worm

longer than bloodworm, this is a natural food for many freshwater fish

Hatch in
the bag

decapsulated brine shrimp eggs that will hatch out into highly nutritious nauplii


these shrimp are approx 25mm long, the perfect food for larger predators

Salt water algae

nannochloropsis phytoplankton for feeding to soft corals